Why I Do This Work

I do this work because I believe that parents should have a say in the care they receive from pregnancy through postpartum. Everyone deserves to make informed decisions that are best for them and feel those choices will be respected. 

I am thankful to have had three out of hospital births with midwives who respected my decisions and offered compassionate care. After hearing so many stories of individuals who weren't offered the same regard, I decided I wanted to be one more health care provider available to give this kind of client-led care to others.

There were some roadblocks along the way in becoming a midwife. However, after seeing the research on the disparities in birth outcomes for Black women and newborns, I felt it was my responsibility to finish what I had started so that people of color could see more midwives in their community that looked like them.

I am grateful to be doing the best kind of work!