Services and Fees

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My midwife services include, routine prenatal care, including health assessment of parent and baby at each visit, routine lab collection, birth education, nutrition recommendations and resource referrals. I am on call 24/7 for any signs of labor and provide labor and birth support in the homebirth setting, including vitals checks, non-invasive fetal heart tone monitoring and comfort measures. I carry antihemorrhagic medicines, as well as resuscitation equipment for newborns. I also rely on homeopathic remedies and herbs during and after labor. I perform a newborn exam shortly after birth and provide immediate postpartum care to ensure that the parent and newborn are both stable within the first few hours after birth. For six week after birth I give postpartum support. This includes at lease three home visits and one office visit. During this time I assess postpartum healing and newborn development, including weight checks. I also assist parents with nursing and/or feeding.

I accept Badgercare/Medicaid and require a nominal out-of-pocket fee. For all other insurance, I use a biller to file claims. Full payment of my Self Pay out-of-pocket fee is required as insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed. I also offer payment plans tailored to individual needs.

Self Pay out-of-pocket fee (full midwifery services): up to $4350

Badgercare/Medicaid out-of-pocket fee: $500

Prenatal only per visit fee (due at time of visit): $250

Postpartum only per visit fee for parent and newborn (due at time of visit): $450